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Woodcroft Wildspace
Downes Court


N21 3PT

Woodcroft Wildspace is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Chair: Bob Ladell

Company Secretary: Gary Garber

Treasurer: Gary Garber

Membership: Amanda Ladell

Photography: James Macaonghus, Dawn Kandekore, Bob Ladell, Mary Askew, Ruth Bravery, and others

Schools/Education: Fiona Fall, Neil Bachelor, Jane Reed

Site Security: Tony Askew, Bianca Lee, Geeta Thawani, Geraldine Orfeur

Web Editor: Mary Askew

We need many more Friends of Woodcroft to help with the project and events.

You can join us by downloading and printing the Membership Form and returning it to our PO Box. The Membership Form is a pdf file. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat pdf reader on your computer, download it from here. It is free. Alternative pdf reader: Foxit also free.

If you are on a public computer and cannot download the form, please telephone us on 0208 819 1662 and leave a message. We wlil get back to you and send you a Membership Form.

The annual cost of membership is £10 for a single adult, and £15 for a couple or family at the same address.

We hold fundraising, informational and recruiting events during the year and we need help to run these.

The project cannot continue without the help of willing hands. Please, if you are at all interested in conserving wildspace environments for enjoyment and education, join our team. We need practical and financial help. Your subscription is valuable.

Email us to ask about becoming a Friend of Woodcroft Wildspace.

Members of Woodcroft Wildspace visited a community project in Bowes Park, Borough of Haringey.

Click here for photos and information.