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Archive of newsletters and press coverage
and history of the project

2015 and still going strong

17th January 2015 - Ice Spike seen at Woodcroft Wildspace

July 2015 - Flora

Insects Movie

Dragonfly Movie

Beekeeping Movie

Frogs & Newts Movie

September 2015 - Haymaking

Insects and Amphibians


2014 - Lots of Activity and Progress

Building a Well - 1st Stages

Building a Well - Completion

See photos of our Super Summer Sunday in July

Pond, Sensory Garden, Covered Learning Area


2013 - Things are Really Moving Now

Winter Clear Up

Tree Planting Day

Lining the Monster Pond

Give & Gain Day May 2013

Rose Chafer Beetle Sighted

Building a Crane - 1st Stage


2012 - we needed to resite the container and toilet to make way for the new development

Volunteers resiting the container and toilet

Spring has sprung at Woodcroft

Woodcroft's N21 Festival Bee Day

LBE Tree Cutting - Useful Logs

Ponding - Winter 2012


2011 - Completion of apiary, arrival of live bees. Planting of 80 donated deciduous trees and 83 donated rare apple trees for orchard area. New ponds dug and more dead hedge barriers added.

click here for 2011 photos of the site

Visit by MP David Burrowes April 2011

RICOH Give & Gain Day June 2011

Hiscox Give and Gain Day 19th August 2011

Channel 5 TV Coverage of our Campaign to save Woodcroft Wildspace

2010 - Progress of self-planted trees, bushes and hedgerows, a new pond, building of dead hedge barrier, and voluntary work by BTCV

Trees and Hedges

Path Clearance by BTCV

New Pond and Dead Hedge Barrier

2009 - Delivery of container to the site, apiary building and security gates

1st project after being granted a 3 year lease.The security gates were put in place. We held a Big Dig Day in partnership with BBC Breathing Places and Blue Peter and local children planted bee friendly plants ready for the proposed apiary. Beehives were ordered and delivered and are being stored elsewhere, awaiting their home on the site. The wooden apiary building has been erected and is finished all but for the window shutters and the flooring. The inner apiary fencing has been completed and the shrubs for the outer apiary boundary are now in place. Sadly we had to cancel our proposed Falconry Day because too many key workers were away at that time, and there were some acts of vandalism and attempts to break into the apiary building but this antisocial behaviour has not deterred us. We still have a problem with irresponsible dog owners allowing their pets to foul the site and we are still in urgent need of more volunteers but nevertheless we are positive about the outcome of this project which will be of benefit to all the local community. For photos click here.

Preparation for the apiary building

The apiary building and perimeter fence


Bees Housewarming


2008 - Falconry Day

to see the lovely photos of the Harris Hawk, the Barn Owl and the Kestrel click here


2007 - see Woodcroft Wildspace as it progresses

Composting and other projects

Grasses on the site


Our trees, and some fungi

Woodchip paths & views

Summer Nature Day: Butterflies & Moths

Summer Nature Day: All About Bees

Members of Woodcroft Wildspace visited a community project in Bowes Park, Borough of Haringey.

Click here for photos and information.